Checkout process

  • What is the MTGstand checkout process after submitting an exchange request?

    First of all there is no final payment checkout involved. Every seller and buyer get a detailed email with contact details, additional exchange questions and all cards that are involved in the exchange request (everything you need to get the ball rolling for a new deal). With a good communication, the exchange of additional references and other informations a deal can happen from there.

  • Why is there no PayPal (or other payment service) integration?

    Its a decision based on my own personal experience and on many other experiences of MTG players I spoke with. Many MTG players used a protected service with a direct payment checkout and in the end they were a bid disappointed many times. Why? Because the condition was not as expected. Or the shipping package was not that save as expected, and so on ... . Those cases were not a big issue but they left me and other MTG players with a bad feeling about the whole deal. So in the end we always thought: An additional email, some messages, additional pictures, shipping informations or in general an additional communitcation with the seller or buyer could prevent so many issues. But instead there was always a direct payment checkout with a lack of communication. So we consciously decided to force this communication before any deal happens.

  • What happens if I make a new card request or a new card offer to a user who has already received an open request/offer from me?

    The cards are automatically added to the existing deal request.

References & building trust

  • How can I make sure that my exchange partner is trustworthy?

    Building trust is showing each other references from MTGstand, Facebook, eBay and other places. A quick reference confirmation and a good communication can build a lot of trust. If you still lack in trust after a good communication, just send a quick question via the ebay question service (or other contact forms on different sites). Get the answer from the account owner and be sure to see that your exchange partner has for example 1000+ positive feedbacks (same for other marketplaces or references). A easy, quick and secure system to transfer positive feedbacks from any platform in seconds. Some sellers already added their ebay and facebook reference links to their market stands with hundreds of positive feedbacks.

  • Can I add my Facebook, eBay or Amazon references?

    Login with your user details and go to "Settings" > "My Market Stand". Scroll down and add your links in the "Additional References" section.

Other questions

  • Why is it free?

    First of all the whole project is a gift to myself because I was in need of something like MTGstand. I would like to explain a bid about the "story behind" the whole project to give an answer to this question:
    I was always annoyed by updating card prices. I always thought there should be a better solution than spending hours over hours every month to update prices to be competitive. In the worst case you even sold cards on a mtg market platform for a price that was substantially below the card value. A lot of trouble - a lot of work …
    So I did some research but I could not find any solution. Furthermore another annoying fact was that I had an outstanding collection overview via delver lens (that manage my collection without any hassle), but on the other hand I had to manually bulk add or manually update single cards every time my mtg collection changed on different mtg card markets. A lot of trouble - a lot of work …
    So what I wanted in addition of all the features that are still out there:
    Scanning cards with delver lens, upload them, put them on sale in seconds and let them stay there for a price that is always automatically updated based on the current market value. In addition it would be nice to add or substract a specific amount of the basic card value automatically and to have a collection manager that has a real-time inline editing. And the whole thing should be 100% free - no fees, no sales comissions.
    The answer was: No chance to find this out there.
    The solution: ~900 hours of coding, dozens of additonal features and 15 months later: MTGstand ;)
    So at first it was a project that I needed myself and I just thought: "Maybe someone else in the MTG community is in need of something similar. I should program it to be used by everyone."

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