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MTGstand is made with from collectors and players of Magic the Gathering. So we do not charge any fees or sales commission. You can list your Magic the Gathering cards or start any order request at no charge. Support us by following our social media accounts or via Patreon.


Our precise and accurate price database allows you to automatically change your selling prices based on your increasing and decreasing selling price percentages. We consider a specific example in which the card value increases from 5€ to 2O€. Normally you would have to change the new selling price manually by typing in a new selling price. But our system always creates the selling prices based on the current value and increase or decrease this value by an editable percentage value. So if the card value increases, your selling price increase at the same rate (and reaches the final selling price by adding or substracting your specific percentage value). Our complex algorithm, which is based on worldwide real-time prices, updates all card values and sealed product values every two days and it ensures that your selling prices are always competitive.


With our first browser based and fully integrated MTG Cardscanner you are able to add or delete any card, on any device and on any operating system, with any camera to your collection, MTG stand or buylist. Furthermore you can instantly check card prices and manage your offers and wants. Whether you scan cards right-side up or upside down or a specific card language is unidentified, our WebApp will quickly and correctly identify them.


Use your scanned Delver Lens collection to upload all of your cards and put them for sale in seconds. Times are over when you had to enter each of your cards by hand. Just use the incredible Delver Lens app to scan thousands of cards in minutes and than upload your entire collection to your own MTG Stand. With our extensive Collection Manager you are able to put them for sale in seconds.
Furthermore you are able to import your MTG collection from any website and any .csv-file. With our presettings for popular MTG sites like MTGGoldfish, Deckstats, EchoMTG, Archidekt and Deckbox you can upload your collection with one click. If you still like to add your cards by hand (for example an entire set or cards of a specific set with a specific rarity and language), you are able to use our massive Bulk Add feature or our advanced Quick Add feature.


With the most advanced technology you are able to scan your cards via Delver Lens and after each scan the card is fully automatically added to your MTGstand collection in real-time. You can even remove cards fully automatically from your collection inventory in real-time with each scan. The new technology gives you the opportunity to add or remove more than 7000 cards in less than one hour. Regardless of whether you have a very big collection or you are professional Local Game Store, you save a lot of time updating your card inventory and keep everything up to date.


Plenty of bulk optimizations put you in full control of your own MTG stand and your entire MTG collection. You are able to change thousands of selling prices in seconds by a simple percentage increase/decrease feature of any card groups (e.g. for all or any combination of a specific set, language, name, rarity and so on).


Create your own buylist to find cards that you need for your upcoming deck and receive offers from sellers. In addition to start buying requests you are able to start a selling request to a potential buyer (based on their buylist).


Our powerful MTG analytic tool displays total weekly or monthly changes and weekly or monthly percentage changes of any card in your collection. You can easily spend hours browsing your collection statistics. Furthermore you are able to see detailed set statistics of your current collection progress.


Tired of submitting a form for the thousandths time to change a card value (selling price, selling quantity, ...)? Our massive control panel features a real-time inline-edit. You select the value, change it and your update is saved automatically. No waiting time, no submit button, no hassle - just easy, clean and smooth collection updates.


Pictures say more than a thousand words. And due to the fact that we are tired of upload forms in which we had to browse several picture folders and press the upload button hundreds of times, we developed an inline, real-time upload feature. So you just grab your image from your folder and drop it above our upload area for each card. That's it - fast, easy and smooth!


After you received or sent your MTG cards, you are able to leave feedback for each transaction. Every MTG stand displays the buyer and seller user ratings, so you have the first lead how trustworthy a seller or buyer is. If you had problems with a buyer or seller or encountered bad behavior with someone on MTGstand, let us know by sending a report.


The MTGstand mass operations that help you to change thousands of card settings at the same time wouldn't be useful if you are not able to select all cards that you really want to change at the same time. So we implement a massive search filter with a complex syntax, that allows you to filter the desired cards. So you filter your collection, click the "select all button", use the mass operation options and change thousands of card settings at the same time in seconds. Furthermore you will find our MTG stand filters in many different page categories. So it is easy to find any specific card in any MTG market stand that you are interested in.


Our card search feature allows two different ways to spot the cards that you need. You are able to select a single card with our dropdown menu that lists every single card that matches your search term. Or you just hit the enter key or click on our search button to browse through all cards from any MTG stand that matches your search term.


The Deal Finder scans all MTG market stands and buylists for you. You are able to automatically find cards (or sealed products) that you are selling and that others are looking for on their buylists. You can also automatically find cards (or sealed products) that you have on your buylist and that are offered by other users.


Our complex ebay.com algorithm (updated every 48 hours) checks every sold auction during the past 90 days and uses the average price values to build our MTG stand values. It furthermore displays a direct link for each sealed MTG product (only sealed and English products are considered) to the eBay auction, which comes closest to the 90-day average price, that is calculated from all eBay auctions sold in the past 90 days.


All prices are displayed in your preferred currency. You can choose between Euro, US-Dollar, Yen, Pound Sterling, Russian Ruble, Australian Dollar and 18 other currencies.

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